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Dome of City Hall - Photo Wayne HeibertIt's said there are two givens in every person's life - and one of them is taxes.  This is true even in Kingston.  Most property owners will receive two municipal tax bills from the City of Kingston each year.

  • The interim tax bill, representing 50% of the previous year's tax bill, is payable on the last business day in February; and,
  • The final tax bill is the balance of the year's taxes and is payable on the last business day in June.

In addition, properties assessed for new construction or property improvements may receive another tax bill for the current year and up to two prior years. These tax bills, referred to as "Supplementary" or "Omitted" tax bills, are issued later in the year and are payable in one installment.

eCity Property Assessment & Tax Levy Tool

NEW - The City of Kingston offers on online eCity Property Assessment and Tax Levy Lookup tool!  Please click here to review the municipal assessment records of residential properties in Kingston.

Tax Rates & Capping Factors

For information on current and past municipal tax rates and capping factors, please visit the City of Kingston website.

Other Resources

For complete details on municipal taxes, please visit the City of Kingston website which provides the most comprehensive information on taxes, assessment and billing processes.

If you feel your assessed value or property classification is not correct, the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) will review it free of charge.  The deadline to file your Request for Reconsideration is March 31 of the tax year.  Please visit the MPAC website for more information.


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